Week 7: We are going to the Next Web!!!

On Monday we started our third sprint! We planned our sprint and had a feedback session in which each team member discussed their strengths, desires and pitfalls. Neel was working hard on his participation in a design competitions. Sascha digitised our sprint planning and cleaned up our office space. Lama organised our drive and Sascha looked up precedent studies

On Tuesday we presented each other with the precedent studies that we found. Out of this we created 4 final which the prototype has fulfil. We also sent out our requests for student tickets at the Next Web. Neel filled in the relay document of our second sprint.

On Wednesday Neel and Lama worked together in the studio whilst Eva, Ola and Sascha worked from home. We also got the news from Jesper van Putten that there was space available for us at their stand at the Next Web!

On Thursday the team got back together and worked hard on forming a prototype idea individually with a mood-board and sketches and presented it to the team at the end of the day.

On Friday we invited Jesper van Putten to the studio and had a successful presentation of our individual prototypes and we learned more about the police’s plans for the demo’s and workshops at the Next Web conference. Eva and Lama attended a workshop by Zlatina in which a DSS alumni gave tips on the ideation process. Ola wrote another Medium blogpost and Sascha updated the WordPress board.

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