Week 6: Testing.. Testing!

On Monday we came back to work with fresh energy and determined to finalize our first prototype. Eva and Ola reviewed the questions that we put on the board and tested with our stretchers during the translate session and made some changes. Sascha prepared the peer pitch for Tuesday and Lama helped to finalize the prints for the prototype. We received an e-mail from Jesper van Putten to invite us to have a chat with the team responsible for the brainstorm leading up to the Next Police’s participation at the Next Web conference 2019. We also scheduled a meeting with our Track Associate Emma, to check up on our progress and ask some needed questions.

On Tuesday our prototype was reading for testing!! Ola and Neel went around the campus to ask a diverse audience about their perceptions of the Dutch Police. They tested the board and recorded the answers of the participants to also gather qualitative data and had some interesting findings. Our team also did a presentation of the progress and prototype to our peers at DSS to get tips and tops.

On Wednesday morning we had our meeting with Emma which helped us to better understand the SCREAM process and to gain some valuable sources for further research on a theoretical framework. Ola and Neel continued their testing of the prototype around the campus. In the afternoon Sascha and Ola went to Den Bosch to talk to Jesper van Putten, Amanda Visch and Jowieke Enting about their brainstorm session for this years participation at the Next Web. In the meantime, Lama and Neel prepared the presentation for the Sprint Review.

On Thursday our team visited Driebergen again to have our Sprint Review with Ron, Eveline, Ylona, Emma and Wouter. The overall perception was very positive and we talked about the possibility of conducting research at the Next Web conference. This will be one of our main sprint goals coming sprint.

On Friday morning we had a workshop by Zlatina about intercultural communication and helped other teams with issues they were running into. In the afternoon we contacted Jesper van Putten again to receive an update about the brainstorm for the Next Web and with the question whether we would be able to attend as well and conduct research.

Neel admires the Dutch thatched roofs in Driebergen

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