Week 5 – Refining the Prototype

According to the sprint plan, this week was to be dedicated for making the prototype and refining it after testing its first iteration during the second translate session.

On Monday, before dividing tasks to finish the prototype, we gathered to settle on the questions and the possible answers. We faced some difficulties so we asked Mick for some help and we were able to better direct them slightly only to differ on some points again. Luckily, we had an idea of what we wanted the board to look like; so we decided to start making it and wait on the questions as they were to be hung last on the board. Sascha and Eva went to the makers lab to drill holes in the board, screw the hooks in (this was where the answers will be hung), place the string rolls at the ends of the board, and finally cut the foam where the questions will go. Neel was in charge of getting some supplies (glue tack and magnets) and refining the questions afterwards with Ola. Lama was in charge of digitizing the questions, the answers, and the logos and prepare them to be printed.

On Tuesday, we went about preparing for the translate session with Jacqueline, Eveline, Ylona and Emma. We printed out a few workable forms from our lecture on the ethics of design by Charlie Mulholland. During the translate session we tested our prototype and received feedback on the content and formulation of the questions on the board. With the help of forms we received more insight into the values of the different stakeholders involved in the project.

On Wednesday, we held our personal feedback session in which we helped each other with the prompt “you were very helpful to the team when you X and I would like to see you do more of Y”. We had a good atmosphere during the session and created a safe environment for feedback. Sascha contacted two colleagues of the police involved in the Next Web. Ola and Neel prepared for our meeting on friday by reading the third and final publication by Carlijn Naber of her foresightstudy on the future of safety.

On Thursday Neel, Ola and Sascha summarized and held a recap about all the publications by Naber and attempted to create a schema. Lama went out and bought new and improved supplies for the prototype board. Ola created a list of questions to ask Carlijn Naber after the lecture on friday at the ministry. Neel started with replacing parts of the board as Lama printed out the logo’s with the help of a UV printer.

On Friday the team split up as Lama stayed in Amsterdam to attend a workshop about data visualization and the software R. Neel, Ola and Sascha visited The Hague with Ylona and Eveline to attend the presentation of the final publication of Carlijn Naber and asked her questions afterwards.

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