Week 4 – Make Make Make

At the start of week 4 we made a plan for sprint 2 with the feedback from sprint 1 in our minds. Thanks to a tip from Jacqueline, we discovered the Stichting Toekomstbeeld der Techniek (STT). We analysed and discussed the two publications by Carlijn Naber, a futurologist who is currently running a project at the STT about the future of security in the Netherlands. We summarized her publications for ourselves and found new possible frameworks for our own research. Unfortunately Eva fell ill and had to leave the team for the majority of the week. On Wednesday we had a workshop by Zlatina about professional development and our office was reorganized. On Thursday we bought supplies at Action, Hema and Gamma and created a design for a question board. After a paper prototype we created our first design with a laser-cutter. On Friday we made another paper prototype and we had a workshop about ethics of design by Charlie Mulholland.

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  1. Eveline says:

    Loved your prototype! Looking forward to our session next week…


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