Week 3 – Sprint Review and Peer Pitch

Due to a change in scheduling, our team had to think on their feet and turn their translate session results into something worth presenting at the sprint review. We created two more prototype ideas alongside the original idea by Lama. The first new prototype was proposed by Eva and Ola, and featured two mirrored sequences of scenario’s, urging the participant to increase their awareness of the dichotomy of safety in both the physical and digital realms. This prototype would help us to gather quantitative data on our target audience’s behaviours with regards to preventive safety measures. The second new prototype was proposed by Sascha and featured multiple-choice questions or dillemma’s for participants to answer to increase their thought processes about their own security values and priorities.

On Tuesday we visited the Landelijke Eenheid again in Driebergen and had our Sprint Review with Mick, Wouter, Ron, Evelien and Jacqueline. Ola and Neel presented our findings and possible prototypes. Afterwards we had a small discussion about the wishes or curiosities of the police with regards to digital natives and safety. We also briefly touched upon the conference The Next Web and spoke about a talk at the Ministry of Justice and Safety on the 22nd of March where we will be able to meet an experienced researcher in the field of future safety.

On Wednesday we pitched our process and results again in front of all the teams at DSS and received feedback and provided other teams with theirs. We also concluded our sprint with a retrospective on the process led by Eva, in which we used three categories to mark our view on the past process and points of improvement. We decided to improve our documentation with the help of a physical diary and team notebook and hope to soon be in touch with a futurologist linked to the DSS.

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