Week 2 – Translate session and Prototyping

We started our third week with making a presentation for our first translate session with the Landelijke Eenheid in Driebergen. We compiled our research results and made a proposal for the next stage of our design process, namely doing user research through a questionnaire or prototype of another type. Our translate session was successful and we also met our product owner Ron for the first time. We discussed different ways in which each partner in the project could help and facilitate the other and aligned our expectations of the project.

Unfortunately after the translate session Eva and Ola both became ill again. To proceed with prototyping our team first questioned each other about their own perceptions of safety and actions or measures they take to protect themselves. This later inspired Lama to create a questionnaire for our peers which provided us with more insights into the different safety measures our generation generally takes for both their physical and digital safety. Neel then digitized the results of the questionnaires and created a visual representation of the results.

To take a step further with the prototyping process we also had a brainstorm afternoon with our coach Mick to dive deeper into the goal and form of the prototype. We created several sketches, scenario’s and questions. Then on friday, during a workshop by Abdo, Gijs and Carlo, our team was inspired by the prototype proposed by Lama in the form of an immersive experience in which priming will lead to different answers of participants.

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