The Team

Lama Ahmed

I’m a designer, an artist at heart and a writer; a firm believer in honest and purposeful creations and a documentation fanatic. I am a very active person who easily adapts to new contexts. I’m mostly interested in the dynamics of cities, experimenting with new ways of self expression and paper.

Ola Bonati

I studied New Media at the University of Amsterdam. I like portrait photography and I am currently looking into new career opportunities. I am interested in changing the way we work through growth hacking and design.

Neel Koradia

I’m a New Media Designer from National Institute of Design, India. I like to create work that cross-links the fields of art, science and technology. I also like to explore the relationship between technology and culture, gaining competency in judging the appropriate application of technology.

Sascha Vonk

I’m a social scientist and self-taught designer. I hoped to gain more experience with hands-on making and design techniques at the Digital Society School. I plan to advance my career in social design and hope to create more products and services with social impact.