Week 8: Sketching, Research and Goodbyes

On Monday we had a meeting with our IT-guy Jake to discuss the technical feasibility of our designs. He recommended that instead of doing a 3D model, we could better focus on a 2D design. He also recommended us to look for opensource examples which we could edit. Sascha created a Venn diagram to group all of our previous research topics and get an overview of our research directions. Neel had another look at our research questions. We agreed that we should not reinvent the wheel and want an accumulative data visualisation. Lama and Ola showed us their reworked designs for their prototypes.

On Tuesday Neel and Sascha showed us their reworked designs for their prototypes. We printed all of our sketched and we did a more in-depth brainstorm about the content, purpose and goals of the prototype. We then had a session with our coach Mick to condense all of our ideas and talk about feasibility. We divided tasks for the further development of a prototype. Ola would be responsible for the overal theme and narrative, Sascha for the content of the questions, Lama for the interface and Neel for the data visualization. On this day we also received the unfortunate news that Eva will have to quit the project due to personal health circumstances.

On Wednesday we wrote down all of the questions we thought could be used for the prototype’s content. We then had a meeting with Sanne, a digital security specialist and new media scholar. She advised us to make our questions more embedded in reality through the use of case-studies or scenarios. This will help our participants to imagine. We also had a meeting with our track consultant Emma, who agreed with Sanne’s advice and emphasised that we should first settle on the content before agreeing on a certain form. We also learned that Mick can help us with the developing part of our prototype.

On Thursday Sascha spent time looking for case-studies of the use of AI for policing in the Netherlands. She also read the article Ron provided us with about principles of AI for policing. She also did a workshop with our peers to find out what personas the police should resemble. Neel and Lama worked together to generate ideas for a visual language of the prototype. Neel tested different ways of interaction and Lama created different interface design ideas. Ola was working from home on her thesis.

On Friday we continued our research working both separately and together. We also had a workshop by our coach Mick for making paper prototypes and working together with other teams on their prototypes.

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