Week 16 till 20 – This is the end

Oops! Due to all the hectics of the showcase and the prospect of goodbyes we forgot to update our blog. Over the past four weeks we have been finishing and refining our prototypes, started on a final booklet and bought all the supplies necessary for our showcase. Need had his first Ikea visit. Lama and Neel bought mesh boards. Ron and Ylona came to the studio to say goodbye and enjoy our final presentation in which they also got to test all of our prototypes in person! We had our showcase and it was a huge success. We even included smoke in our time-machine! The day after we finished our project with a mini showcase for Evelien, Jacqueline and Sandra. They were very pleased and took the prototypes home so they can be presented in the police’s offices and at the ministry! Sadly this was also the day we already had to say goodbye to our lovely Lama, as she was traveling back to Egypt. In our final week we spent an afternoon on a boat with all of the DSS members and received our certificates. Afterwards we went out on the town and cleaned the whole studio. For now we will say goodbye to you, but perhaps you will see more of us in the future! Stay tuned!

A recap of our showcase