Week 13: Sprint review & web workshop

The team was proud about their successful presentation at the TNW and need a recovery week after the overload of work.

Ready! Set! Rest!

After the recovery week, the team had a sprint review at Driebergen with Sascha, Neel, Lama and Wouter. Sascha and Neel presented and discussed about how do we interpret and visualize the data collected from TNW. There were some discussion on how to take the project ahead and fixed on the deliverables with the Police.

We applied for the DRIVE festival in the safety and security category with high hopes of getting selected. There was some time spent on analysing the data and discussing briefly on what could we do for the booklet for police.

There was a fruitful workshop with Jake on Web Development which gave us some ideas on how to implement our work in the form of a website.

All in All, slowly we pulled our focus and bucked up for upcoming showcase.

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