Week 11: The universe is testing us

Less than one week to go until the next web! We are starting to feel the heat, but nonetheless we are powering through. On Monday we all resumed our tasks from the week before, with Neel on the Unity coding, Ola editing like a true champ, Lama sketching on our time machine look and Sascha learning how to work the wiring for our buttons. One of our biggest challenges this week was to work with limited resources. Our workshop of the HvA was closed due to spring break, causing us extra sweat and anxiety. Luckily our coach reached out to a few other makers spaces around the city. Thanks to Kingsday, we also received a lot of old parts of electronics and can use it for our time machine look!

On Tuesday we had our translate session with Jacqueline, Ylona and Emma. We went over the script of our video and the questions that will be integrated via Unity. Our coach also sat us down to check with us whether we will make it to our deadline or not. He had his reservations, but we are confident and excited. In order to make the old television work that Lama found on the street, we ordered the necessary converters and cables and patiently waited for them to be delivered, only to be delayed twice and consequently delivered late. Yet another way of the universe testing our commitment and patience, if you ask me.

On Wednesday we set out to buy the cable in a shop instead of online and made the tv work! Sascha went to the makers space of the Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam where she was helped using a tiny lasercutter to cut the frame for the buttons and wiring. She also created vinyl lettering and soldered everything into place. Lama and Sascha also prepared for lasercutting on Thursday by buying the necessary supplies at Gamma.

On Thursday Lama and Sascha set out to visit Waag, a design studio with open house every Thursday. Unfortunately for us, their house was not as open as we had hoped and they did not have any time or space available for us to use their lasercutter. Instead Lama and Sascha went to de Vlieger, a specialist paper supplies store and bought the necessary decorations. Ola and Neel in the meantime were still editting and coding like true heros. Lama and Sascha also designed and ordered pins to give out at the Next Web for people to remind our installation and to draw in a bigger audience.

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