Week 10: Making Mode: On!

This time, our week started on Tuesday as Monday was Easter. We started our day with a meeting with Emma to discuss the script Sascha worked on the Thursday before. Emma gave us some recommendations and suggested rephrasing some terms but all in all told us that the script was well written and had an entertaining edge just like we wanted. Based on these amendments, Sascha finalized the script and made a table for all the scenes to be shot and the sequence guide needed for Unity as well.We all bought the TNW tickets, finally! For the rest of the day, we did this sprint’s planning where we decided to plan only for the first week because everything depended on each other. But the main goal was fixed as preparing the prototype for TNW and we would divide tasks to finish it. Lama decided to try out and ask people about their vision of the future using one of the methods in the design method toolkit called Break-up/Love Letter. Neel looked more into Unity and Martin had some free time to help him out. Ola was busy making sure all the equipment she would need the next day was available.

We all met at the studio on Wednesday morning and moved together to the HvA’s Amstel campus to help Ola in the shooting. Ola and Sascha arranged the location to be the labs where the engineers work as they had machines that matched with what we had in mind for the look and feel of the video. Neel stayed at the studio to work Unity out for a while and then joined us later. We spent the whole day shooting the scenes in order and in different locations around the labs and were lucky enough to find some project leftovers that we could use in our installation.

Thursday was a very productive day. We cleaned up our desks and changed the setting a bit. Lama found an old TV screen that can be used in the installation. It needed a specific cable that she ordered on the same day and will test it when it arrives. She looked at possible materials that could be used in building the installation. Neel had some progress on Unity and got help from Martin and Lucca from teh Grow kit team. Sascha spent the day figuring out how the buttons work using the Makey Makey Kit. She succeeded in making them work and connecting them to the computer. Ola stayed home and worked on editing the scenes for the video.

On Friday, we started the day early with the second part of the workshop on design ethics with Charlie Mullhond, a professor of ethics from the CMD department at HvA. We worked a bit afterwards as we waited for a special King’s day mini Olympics that the coaches arranged for the community.

Old TV screen selfie!

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