The beginning

After our first introductory week at the Digital Society School in Amsterdam and after thorough democratic decision-making, we formed our team for this semester: Lama Ahmed (Egypt), Ola Bonati (Poland), Eva van Haren (The Netherlands), Neel Koradia (India) and Sascha Vonk (The Netherlands) under supervision of coach Mick Jongeling.

Lama Ahmed (1995) is from Cairo and has studied graphic design at the American University Cairo. She likes to spend her time near the sea and has a passion for photography. For this semester she has also assigned herself the task of curating a team Instagram.

Ola Bonati (1992) is currently finishing her degree in New Media at the University of Amsterdam. One of Ola’s hobbies is kitesurfing and she is looking forward to trying this out in Egypt coming summer. Ola is also experienced in photography, video editing and vlogging.

Eva van Haren (1998) is in her second year of Game Development at the University of Applied Sciences. She likes to read and cook and prefers not the be photographed. Eva is a cat-person and has initiated an Instagram account for the unidentified cat who often visits the university campus.

Neel Koradia (1994) has studied New Media Design and has interned at Samsung where he created designs for patients with dementia. He is interested in data privacy and digital identity and is learning more about cooking Indian cuisine. His favorite Dutch word so far is ‘lekker’.

Sascha Vonk (1994) studied Social Science at Amsterdam University College. She likes to spend her time painting and drawing and is experienced in doing social research. She hopes to be admitted to Design School Kolding coming year for a master in Design for People.

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